Is BitConnect A Good Opportunity or Ponzi?

This article will teach you some ways to make money using cryptocurrency. It will show you how to start making steady returns on your crypto investments. By now you’ve heard of Bitcoin, it’s the most popular cryptocurrency there is. It can also be used to buy things and can be traded like a stock.

Bitcoin is used to make instant, secure transactions worldwide. It is not a currency controlled by any bank or government. It is run on an open-source network that is managed by users all around the world. This article is for people who would like to make some ROI on money that would have just been sitting in your bank account.


How to begin

You can start investing in Bitconnect with as little as $100 and you will begin to see interest on your investment by the next day. Keep in mind that the stock value of Bitcoin fluctuates daily like all other stocks. Therefore, on some days, your interest rates will be less than 1%. On others you may make no interest. And on bull days you could make up to 2%.

By the way this post will go into more details about how to get started with BitConnect. If you are looking for a review go here: and you can see an honest review of BitConnect.

How it works is, your investment is pooled on the BitConnect platform along with other investors’ Bitcoin. It is then used as financial backing by BitConnect’s software to to buy and sell Bitcoin automatically every day.

The software makes five to twenty percent each day and your earnings come from their daily revenue. Your earnings are correspondent with the size of your initial investments. Don’t expect huge rewards for a little investment.

It’s basically the same as the current bank system except that you stand to make more returns on your savings than with the bank and you can’t move the savings for a contracted period of time unlike the bank.

After your initial investment period is over you will get your investment and gains. Below is a table with the tiers of investors.         

Lending Amount Interest (Daily) Capital Returned
$100 – $1000 Up to 40% per month After  299 days
$1010 – $5000 Up to 43% per month After 239 days
$5010 – $10000 Up to 46% per month After 179 days
$10010 – $100000 Up to 47.5% per month After 120 days

This is all legitimate and has been verified by a thorough Google review search on BitConnect’s services.

There is no way you could make this type of interest with the same amounts of money in the bank. However, there is something to be careful about. Only invest money you could afford to lose. It’s a safe deal, but it’s still a crazy world out there.

How to join BitConnect

Here are the steps to investing in BitConnect:

  1. First create a Bitcoin wallet (like on
  2. Fund your wallet. A minimum of $120 dollars will do. The extra $20 covers any fluctuating exchange rates.
  3. Go to
  4. Decide on how much you want to invest in Bitcoin.
  5. Transfer Bitcoin from Coinbase to BitConnect.
  6. Buy BitConnect tokens on with the Bitcoins you transferred from Coinbase.
  7. Lend your BitConnect tokens.
  8. OPTIONAL. Reinvest your earnings. You can reinvest your daily earnings immediately if you want. Keep in mind that you will be locking your interest up for a new period of time if you choose to invest it.
  9. Refer a friend and earn 5% commission on their total investment
  10. Join or create a team and multiply your earnings.
  11. After the investment period is over, take your money and earnings out of BitConnect.
  12. Consider storing in cold storage like Trezor


Make sure to spread the word about this investment opportunity. Create a team or join an existing team and whenever people you invited refer other people, you’ll make 3% commission on their referrals. To make the best use of the referral system and maximize your earning potential you need to spread the word. Use various social media platforms to tell people about BitConnect.

Post pictures on Instagram. Update your Facebook wall with BitConnect info and tell your friends what it’s about. Use Twitter to educate your followers on this great investment opportunity. And don’t forget to use your referral link.

BitConnect has made things easier for you if you are a day trader. Take advantage of the huge earning potential and share the wealth.